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Nancy Manlove

From "Home Cook Extraordinaire " to being named one of the "Top Female Chefs of Houston, " Chef Manlove combined her passion for cooking and business savvy to pursue a culinary career. Her professional culinary career began in 2012 at Moody Garden Hotel Convention Center & SPA under the Award Winning Executive Chef Urs Schmid. As an intern she worked high volume for Banquet and Events on the Garde Manger team where she garnered unbelievable kitchen experience and knowledge. Later she was moved to the fine dining restaurant brigade duties for the 4-diamond and Trip Adviser Award of Excellence rated restaurant 'Shearn's Prime Steaks and Seafood' were she continued to grow and excel as a Pantry Cook. She is also known for her leadership, speaking and fundraising abilities. She is a cook that comes with a lot of business competencies, high energy, a deep passion and a can do attitude. All of this followed her many careers in corporate America that proved to be invaluable to her being a chef now.

Today she is not only a competitive chef but also a brand ambassador for Chef's Roll and the World Food Championships.

Her accomplishments are listed below...

Food Champ Recipe Club Associate
World Food Championship Ambassador Council
Galveston College Alumni Success Feature
The Champions Table 2018
TOP 10 Chef Challenge Category - World Food Championships 2018
Food Network Star Season 13 Finalist
Chef's Roll Chef Ambassador Program
WINNER Barilla PASTA Month - BEST CHEF Creations
Barilla PASTA Month - TOP 10 - BEST CHEF Creations
Winner Vidalia Onions V-inspired Contest
Semi-Finalist "Smithfield Hog Wild Throwdown" - Peppy Chipotle and Bacon Grilled Pork Chops
Winner - TEXAS - Taste of America Challenge - World Food Championships - Steak Category
Semi-Finalist "Smithfield Hog Wild Throwdown" - Pork Ribs - PorkRib-A-Ritas
TOP 50 - Semi-Finalist in the Callebaut Great Chocolate Stories
Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen Time Warp Tournament 60's Finalist
Semi-Finalist "Smithfield Hog Wild Throwdown - Pork Loin
Winner Golden Ticket - Dessert Category Competition -World Food Championship 2016
1st Place Winner - IKEA Together We Eat - November 2015
Winner Food Network's CUTTHROAT Kitchen September 6, 2015 - Grandma-Tage (Episode: KT0904H)
Winner- Top Prize - WFC #FoodChamp Recipe Contest-Penobscot McCrum’s Baked Potato Skins and Seafood-June 2015
Winner - Potato Goodness #Top Tater Hash Tag Recipe / Photo Contest - May 2015
Elite 8 - Avocado Madness Chefs Roll Competition March 2015
Winner - Potato Goodness #Top Tater Recipe / Photo Contest December 2014
A menu Item Named in my Honor at Shearn's "Jumbo Lump Crab Salad "Nancy"
SWAG Team Member World Food Championship 2014 - for Sandwich Champion & Final Table Competition
Competitor - Sandwich Category 2014 World Food Championship - Las Vegas - November 2014
Featured Recipe of the Month - Cookmore (Kenmore) October 2014
Winner - Sandwich America - Twist on a Classic Category 'Next Sandwich Champ Recipe Contest' October 2014
1st Place Winner - McCormick Go For Gourmet Recipe Contest March 2014
1st Place Winner - McCormick Go For Gourmet Recipe Contest February 2014
Competitor - Recipe Category (Pasta) 2013 World Food Championship - Las Vegas - November 2013
Winner - Better Recipes Reader's Choice - Best Vegan Recipe Ever Recipe Contest -2013
Del Monte® Chili Cook-Off Challenge 2nd Place Winner - May 2013
Winner - Reader's Choice, Best Lamb Ever Recipe Contest - Better Recipes 2013
Winner Roth Blue Cheese Foodservice Contest - 2013
Finalist - St. Francis Winery Grilled Cheese Sandwich Contest - 2013
Finalist - RITZ Kick Up the Kick Off Emeril Lagasse Recipe Contest – 2013
Winner - Judge's Choice - Better Recipe Best Chocolate Recipe Ever - 2013
Winner - "For the Love of Cooking" Essay Contest - (Zephyr.com) - 2013
Grand Prize Winner - Cajun Celebrations Contest - May 2013
Wildcard & Community Pick Winner - Your Best Recipe with Vinegar Recipe Contest - Food 52 - April 2013
Ferrero USA - Nutella Recipe Creation Winner Food Service Contest - April 17, 2013
Runner-up & Blue Ribbon Award - Just A Pinch - Decadent Dessert Contest - March 2013
Blue Ribbon Award - Just A Pinch Test Kitchen CrockPot Recipe Contest - March 2013
Winner - Roth Cheese Melt into Winter Photo/Recipe Contest - 2013
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