Yamila Castre

Pastry Chef, Latin Bites

Chef Castre, is a Le Gordon Bleu Pastry Chef Graduate, and co-owner of Peruvian Gastronomic School Blue Ribbon, a unique school with 4 locations around the country focused on Peruvian and International Gastronomy and Hospitality management.

With 10 years of teaching experience, Castre is currently head of the Pastry program at INTECI, a Gastronomy and Hospitality Institute. Her passion for teaching has allowed her to reach hundreds of future Pastry Chefs in Peru.

Chef Castre grew up in Lima, Peru in a family where the love for food were a big part of everyday life. Growing up learning to cook & competing with her siblings helped her develop her skills & artistry, which has served her well in her journey. Castre’s experience continues to developed during a time when Peruvian gastronomy is considered one of the most diverse and unique cuisines, making Peru one of the top gastronomic destinations around the world.

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