Paul Friedman
Master Chef/CEO, Peli Peli

Chef Paul Friedman who is the Master Chef and CEO of Peli Peli, Houston's only South African restaurant.

Chef Paul has had over 35 years of experience in the restaurant industry, having owned and operated over 50 successful restaurants in South Africa and Germany, as well as being the creator of Paul’s Pizza Shop, a nationally-recognized pizza concept in North Houston.

Chef Paul has utilized the Peli Peli spice in an innovative, unique way by infusing it with with fruits such as guava, passion fruit, papaya and mango to create an explosion of flavor rather than something that is hot & spicy. The result is a myriad of marinades, seasonings and sauces that bring out the best flavors in steak, chicken and seafood and create a tingling sensation for your taste buds.

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