D. Christopher Skinner
Executive Chef, eculant

D. Christopher Skinner’s love of food began very early at the age of four when he asked his grandmother (a pastry chef) to make him a carousel cake for his birthday. By the age of seven his grandmother had taught him the basics of cooking – temperature, time, salt, and passion. Her teaching and some gentle prodding helped him develop a good understanding of French cooking techniques by 12 and by 17 he had opened his own restaurant, La Vie en Rose.

Chef Skinner’s second restaurant was opened in 1985 while pursuing degrees in Finance and Economics. Christopher’s on Washington was an immediate success featuring what is now considered “farm to table” cuisine, but at that time was a very new concept. Christopher was an early pioneer in contracting local farmers for produce and proteins to use in his avant-garde creations.  Even in the mid-eighty’s his restaurant was known for unconventional food pairings and whimsical platings. His creative mind and eye for details helped him build several successful companies and financed his love of adventure, cuisine, and world travel.

Over the last two decades Christopher has become a best-selling author, Rice professor, world traveler, business executive, and sought after speaker. For the past five years he has been focused on neuro-gastronomy which is the melding of science, psychology, and gastronomy to create culinary experiences that impact all five senses - sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. This passion is evident in eculent the recently opened restaurant in Kemah, which features a dynamic environment that changes with each of the nine courses. With a fully equipped food lab at his disposal Chef Skinner is developing cuisine that has to be experienced to be believed like a soup that changes flavor with each spoonful. He is also developing facebook.com/eculent new gourmet products including a shelf stable “real” truffle oil in conjunction with Roederer USA the premier fresh truffle importer, and a line of modern tableware with Delafield pottery.

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